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Re: Kernel Install Problems

Sven Luther wrote:
> Well, the question is, do we go, bypass the buildds, and try to build
> 0.2.25 by hand ? Or do you mean that 0.2.25 can go to testing even if
> only for powerpc and i386 ?

That's right, 0.2.25 was forced in for only i386 and powerpc.

0.2.26 seems to have quickly built on most arches and it should enter
testing soon.

> > Unfortunatly, beta 2's businesscard ISOs will remain broken, since they
> > include a broken deboostrap-udeb on the ISO but pull debs from sarge.
> > Getting it in will fix netboot type installs though. I've removed the
> > prominant link to them from the d-i web page.
> Well, what is stopping us from rebuilding them ? beta2.1 or something
> such ?

Lack of time to make sure they're worth being called beta 2 on my part,
at least.

see shy jo

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