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Re: Kernel Install Problems

Sven Luther wrote:
> Which supposedly is fixed in 0.2.23, which is now in sarge.
> I wonder if we should hand build 0.2.25 on every arch, so it can move to
> sarge quickly ?

Remember that the udeb has to be put in manually. I asked elmo to do so
last night, and he said he did, presumably with the set of builds that
is in the archive now, so this will have only fixed i386 and powerpc. I
can do it again, if the buildds ever catch up..

Unfortunatly, beta 2's businesscard ISOs will remain broken, since they
include a broken deboostrap-udeb on the ISO but pull debs from sarge.
Getting it in will fix netboot type installs though. I've removed the
prominant link to them from the d-i web page.

see shy jo

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