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rootskel, base-installer - apt-get calls

Hi folks

rootskel and base-installer currently does some apt-get calls in the
target. They are currently done without a chroot call because /cdrom or
similar is not available within.

This calls break either if the installer root don't have a libc-udeb
installed or if the libc version in the target don't match the dynlinker
in the root.

Yesterday, I commited a fix to not break with the first, but I want to
fix that problem completely: apt-get calls only with chroot.

Network installs are not affected by that. CDROM installs needs to
either bind-mount (linux >= 2.4) or make a real mount of the source in
the target.

Further versions of cdebootstrap may do that themself, because it may be
better to call apt-get to download and install the packages as the
internal dependency parser simply don't support some constructs.


ps: I marked rootskel and base-installer as broken as I won't have time
until end of the week.

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