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Bug#230502: debian-installer wiped out my MBR

Joey Hess wrote:
I'm considering changing grub-installer/bootdev to have the following

Now it is time to make the newly installed Debian system bootable, by installing the GRUB bootloader on a bootable device. The usual way to do this is to install GRUB on the MBR of your first hard drive. . Note that GRUB counts devices differently than the Linux kernel, so the first drive is usually '(hd0)'. If you want it on the second partition of the first drive, use '(hd0,1)'

 I add : "or in the first partition of your second drive, use (hd1,0) ".

Leave this at default if unsure.
 Warning: By default, this will change how your computer boots,
overwriting your existing MBR with GRUB. Continuing may make other operating systems installed on this computer unbootable!

And a similar change to lilo.

What about installation in usb keydrive (http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/keydrive)

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