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Re: categorising installation reports

Simon Hürlimann wrote:
> I just began doing my five:-)

Please feel free to do more than 7. :-)

> But I need some hints:
> #230458 mentions "Validating %s" problems, I remember some messages about this 
> on the list. But I don't know where to report this problem. Is this specific 
> to some udebs or a general prolem? Do I have to ask the reporter for more 
> infos?

This was a bug in base-installer, but Matt Kraai has fixed it in

> He also mentions to turn FB off by default. As I remember this can't be done 
> 'cause of Japanese and other multibyte charsets. Is this correct?

Yep, we have the documented boot flag to turn it off though.

see shy jo

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