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categorising installation reports

We have over 150 uncategorised installation reports now, and until
they're processed, we can't really know what the worst problems are in
beta 2. So I declare the next week to be installation report processing
week. If you have some spare time anytime this week, process a couple of
installation reports. Goal for next Friday is to process all
installation reports reported in the past 30 days. If ten of us do five
reports each this week, we should get within sight of this goal.

So far only a few people have been working on this, so to help others
get up to speed on it, I have written a document explaining the process,
and the information you need to know to effectively process an
installation report. I've attached it to this mail and it's also
doc/installation-reports.txt in CVS. After it's been commented on here,
I plan to post a larger call for help to debian-devel-announce,
including a link to the document (as well as the rest of our TODO list
and so on).

see shy jo

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