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Bug#229648: cdebconf: "seen" handling broken

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 05:50:26PM +0100, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> 04:29 < Mithrandir> if we just start the config script/postinst it should just w
> ork.
> 04:29 < tausq-h> then when are you running dpkg-reconfigure? :)
> 04:29 < tausq-h> s/when/why/
> 04:29 < Mithrandir> because dpkg --configure checks whether it's already configu
> red.
> 04:30 < Mithrandir> and I think it's ugly to poke at dpkg's internals more than 
> necessary.
> 04:30 < Mithrandir> so, limiting it to cdebconf/udpkg makes less places to chang
> e if we want to redo the internals.

In dpkg-reconfigure(1):
     This has the same effect as re-installing the package, basically.
     I hope one day this will be called by dpkg --reconfigure
I see no reason to refrain from implementing this feature in udpkg
(which seems trivial) instead of adding dpkg-reconfigure to the cdebconf

> 04:43 < tausq-h> so now, i choose some option to configure the system, and witho
> ut exiting the first instance of debconf, it tries to run udpkg to install/confi
> gure some packages?
> 04:43 < Mithrandir> yes
> 04:44 < tausq-h> so, while main-menu has an open fd of the config.dat, udpkg/dpk
> g-reconfigure will try to reopen and modify that open config.dat, don't you thin
> k that's wrong?
> 04:45 < tausq-h> or rather, is not supported by debconf aiui
> 04:45 < Mithrandir> yes, that's not something we want.

Fd are not kept open, which is certainly why Joey Hess reported seeing
lots of database load/store.  It certainly sucks, but it works.
Apart from that, thanks for posting this IRC log, it surely explains why
my Abort button try failed miserably when run within main-menu, I will
have a closer look.


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