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Re: Bits about countrychooser and languagechooser

Quoting Nikolai Prokoschenko (nikolai@prokoschenko.de):

> Just one comment of the whole issue: when you get the new structure
> implemented, don't forget about folks like myself, who are e.g.
> russian-speaking living in Germany. Please do not make a mistake
> Microsoft has made with Windows 98 - if you had installed the russian
> version of Windows, selecting Germany as country, all of the cyrillic
> characters disappeared after a reboot :)

If the scheme I currently prefer is chosen, then you won't be forget:

1) language selection

 you choose "ru" Russian (Other countries) as language rather than
 "ru.RU" Russian (Russia)

2) country selection, restricted

 You are presented with a second screen which lists all countries for
which a valid ru_XX locale exists in SUPPORTED (Russia+Ukraine) and a
"Other" choice. This screen mentions you that choosing "Other" may
have undesirable effects.

Living in Germany, you choose "Other"

3) country selection, long

 You are presented with a third screen with all world countries. There
you choose "Germany".

This will have the following consequences:

-ru_DE will be your default locale
-Russian keyboard will be the default choice for you (or German....but
 having the default keyboard depend on language rather than country
 seems more logical to me)
-Berlin time zone will be selected as default
-German mirror will be selected as default

the last two questions (TZ and mirror), having their priority loered
to "medium" won't be asked in the default priority.

I'm not completely aware of the consequences of unsupported
locales. Which value do you use for locale on your current system,
Nikolai ?

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