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Bug#228772: Install Report - discover locked, boot hung

* Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@soziologie.ch) wrote:
> This looks like discover is hanging when detecting the hardware not when
> loading modules.


> > And that's where it hung, didn't say anything after that.  Over on the
> > console I did a ps auwx and saw 'discover --module all' in the process
> > list.  I think I tried to put 'all' in the 'skip' list next, but that
> > didn't work ether, so I just hacked the postinst and set MODULES="". And
> > commented out the discover --module all run (iirc).
> The "all" does not mean all modules but all types of devices. You can
> modify /etc/discover.conf to see which type of device causes it to hang.

I'll try and play with that and running discover --module all by hand
and see if I can figure out what's going on.  I'll try and do that
tonight and will let you know.


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