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Bug#228772: Install Report - discover locked, boot hung

* Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@soziologie.ch) wrote:
> Am Mit, den 21.01.2004 schrieb Stephen Frost um 17:38:
> > * Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@soziologie.ch) wrote:
> > > Am Mit, den 21.01.2004 schrieb Stephen Frost um 17:08:
> > > > * Gaudenz Steinlin (gaudenz@soziologie.ch) wrote:
> > > > > Am Die, den 20.01.2004 schrieb Stephen Frost um 21:58:
> > > 
> > > > 
> > > > I tend to agree, but I have no idea which module it was trying to load..
> > > > Does it log which module it's trying to load something?  It really
> > > > should, if it doesn't...  Then you could just flip to con-3 or whatever
> > > > one is the tail -f and see.
> > > The one thing that seems strange to me is, that discover does not hang
> > > if it is called from d-i. It only hangs if the postinst of the package
> > > installed to /target is run. You can see which module it tries to load
> > > in /var/lib/discover/crash respectively /target/var/lib/discover/crash
> > > during the install.
> > 
> > I checked, and those files didn't exist (first thing I did before I
> > modified the postinst script).  Kind of odd, I guess..
> Do you have an idea where else in the startup script it could hang? Does
> it print the list of detected modules after "Detecting hardware: "? 
> Can you rund "discover --module all" and see if this hangs?

I'm not at the machine atm, I can try this later, but what happened is

Setting up discover...
Startup links already created...

Detecting hardware: 

And that's where it hung, didn't say anything after that.  Over on the
console I did a ps auwx and saw 'discover --module all' in the process
list.  I think I tried to put 'all' in the 'skip' list next, but that
didn't work ether, so I just hacked the postinst and set MODULES="". And
commented out the discover --module all run (iirc).


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