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Re: ntfs resize and gtk frontends

On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 07:41:34PM +0100, Thorsten Sauter wrote:
> * Fabri <fabri@quitnet.it> [2004-01-19 18:52]:
> > Any plan on support ntfs resize in the new debian installer? 
> > 
> > Any update or plan on gtk frontends to d-i and an integration with
> > bootsplash (bootsplash packages are now on debian mentors repos)?
> any plan to help us writing a gtk frontend? or integration of ntfs
> resizing support? :-)

I didn't understood the original poster neither.
It could be indeed an offer for help
and as always: help is welcome.

About the gtk frontend:
  There wheren't any posting on the subject here,
  so there is probably most help needed

About the NTFS resize:
  There was recently a post with 'I worked for me',
  so there can people help with a verify plus report

Geert Stappers

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