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Re: Install Report - mkinitrd / cciss error at kernel install step

   Things that seem curious:
Why is mkinitd caring about my hardware devices, doesn't it just need to see the files in /target?

mkinitrd needs to build an initrd that will be able to find the real
root device after booting.  If /target/dev/cciss doesn't exist, mkinitrd
has nothing to work from to figure out what the correct device is.
IIRC, devfs is not actually used in the target, only in the root; so
probably d-i needs to know how to map /dev/cciss/disc0/partX to a
non-devfs device name (and make sure this mapped device is available in
the target, i.e., MAKEDEV).

Ok, I think I understand a little better now. My next question is, I think, how does it get fixed? It looks like Mr. Lovergine had a similar problem in this thread:


Why are there 3 partitions, there are only two in cfdisk (ext2, swap). Unless it counts a few megs of free space as another partition.

You seem to have created one primary and one logical (extended)
partition.  part5 would be the first logical partition in a DOS
partition table, and is contained within whichever one of part1 or part2
is the extended partition.

Here you are correct as well, it turns out that partition 1 was a 34 gig ext2 partition, and partition 2 was a 1 gig logical partition containing partition 5 which was also 1 gig. I am very curious as to why it is so. This partition setup was created by the autopartition part of the installer, why would it use those logical partition things? It seems a complicated way to do it.

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