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Bug#225858: "Validating %s" message untranslated from debootrstrap

* On 02-01-04 - 13:32, Emanuele Rocca <ema@debian.org> wrote: 
>  These are some of the packages affected by the "Validating %s" problem
>  using businesscard ISOs.
>  2004-01-01 (md5sum 68cc6b72a04d1e8b979f85ef2d192ffe)
>  With this iso, in the "Receiving packages" step, packages are not
>  received but just validated. 
>  No packages seems to be affected by the problem, the "Validating x" string
>  is translated correctly and %s is replaced with package name.
>  However, after the packages extraction, debootstrap exits with an error
>  and I am unable to go on.

This happens only if I keep the filesystem intact. 
I am able to reproduce the bug creating a new filesystem on /, I guess
because this way /target/var/cache/apt/archives is empty and the
installer *really* gets the debs.

Everything is like with the 2003-12-31 businesscard ISO; the same packages are 
affected by the problem, but I am able to go on with the installation.

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