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Debian 3 - white screen and lock up during system setup - HELP

Debian Boot Team

My system

I built a PC from scratch so I could play with Linux 'off line'.
I have 2 HD's which I can connect / dis - connect via IDE ports.
HD 1 has windows 98 on it and goes ok 4G capacity
HD 2 is the Linux drive for experimenting. 40G capacity

I have 2 Debian boot disk versions

I have previously managed to get a full installation, but I kept switching the machine off at the end of a session until I found that 'exit now' performed a clean shutdown. I then followed the onscreen instructions to correct the problems I had caused due to the forced shutdown.
Some other problems occurred and I  lost confidence in the hard disk so I did a low level format of my maxtor HD using maxtor software - which reports that the HD is good. I then used a DOS boot disk to partition it and format the partitioned the Primary (about 10G) and 3 logical partitions about (10 G Each ) in the extended partition.

Here is where I am

Linux Version 2.1
Having booted the earlier Debian CD, I tried to change the partitions from DOS to Linux and I got as far as
Checking for bad locks - read only test - 9744/8225248
Hangs up on 9744

Hard reset

Welcome to debian 2.1
Select colour display
Configure the keyboard
Partition a hard disk
Select /devhda
Screen displays - hda1  -Primary Linux 8032.5 MB

Hard Reset as CTRL Alt Del not functioning

Replace Debian CD with Version 3

Press enter at boot prompt
During loading Screen went totally white and hangs

Hard Reset

Uncompressing Linux….OK
Boot to kernal
Linux 2.2.20 idepcl

Hard Reset

Press enter at boot prompt
Loading continues then halts with white screen
CTRL ALT DEL no effect


Cheers Robbie

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