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di-utils-devicefiles (was Re: Current nstallation fails at di)

Erich Waelde wrote:
> Error message on installer screen (vc/0)
>   Loading di-utils-device-files failed for unknown reasons. Aborting.

So di-utils-devicefiles only got out of NEW the other day. At a guess,
this thing has the wrong priority and should not be installed by default
on i386. Or perhaps it should not be built at all on i386? Perhaps it
interacts badly with devfs and this prevents it from being unpacked?

>   user.info anna[791]: corrupted status flag!!

I wonder what this is?

>   user.info anna[791]: (process:1090):  tar:
>   user.info anna[791]: (process:1090):  Couldnt remove old file
>   user.info anna[791]: (process:1090): : Operation not permitted

Seems to bear out my guess about devfs.

I am uploading a new di-utils without di-utils-devicefiles. Sorry for
the heavy-handed action, but it seems to me nothing currently uses this
new package, and it needs to be rethought some before entering the

Again, PLEASE test this kind of thing before committing it!

see shy jo, tired of utting out fires

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