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Re: font reduction build problem

At 24 Dec 03 07:42:18 GMT,
Kenshi Muto wrote:
> > Unfortunatly, I then found another one:
> > 
> > Description-ja.EUC-JP: CD ¤«¤é¥¤¥ó¥¹¥Ã��¡Â¼Â¥Ã©Â¥Â³Â¥Ã³Â¥Ã��¡Â¼Â¥Ã��¥Ã³Â¥Ã��¤Ã²Â¥Ã­Â¡Â¼Â¥Ã�> 
> > Seems to me this should really be in utf-8, shouldn't it? I am currently
> > not encluding EUC-JP in the font reduction either. :-( Also, CP1251,
> > that seems to be the last one.
> Hmm, that's a strange.
> At least all of ja.po files in d-i CVS use UTF-8.
> OK, I'll try to find tonight.
> (I suspect some other package outside of d-i CVS uses EUC-JP)

This message came from download-installer.templates.
retriever/net/debian/po/ja.po in d-i CVS is correct UTF-8 and sets

And I rebuilt download-installer from source, correct templates is
created. Very strange...
Could you check again your build environment, Joey?

Kenshi Muto

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