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Re: Why builds linux-kernel-di for multiple architectures?

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> linux-kernel-di tries currently to build udebs for all architectures
> it knows of. This looks to be wasteful, especially for autobuilding.
> Furthermore, a single problem in one architecture's kernel will
> break udeb building for all the others.
> IMHO it should only create the native Kernels (at least by default)
> and filter out the rest.

linux-kernel-di builds only kernels for the host architecture. Unless
you're running the build_all script.

It's true that if one architecture needs a change, such as a new kernel
or new module, this means the new version will have to be rebuilt on all
other architectures. There is no autobuilder hit though, because I use
cross-building (no compiling is involved) to build packages for all
architectures before releasing any new version.

see shy jo

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