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Re: discover-udeb: Depends: libdiscover1 but it is not installable

Geert Stappers wrote:
> libdiscover1 is installed on that build computer.
> Doing `grep -R libdiscover1 *` didn't bring up a usefull hint.
> What other things do I have to hunt down that dependency.

This must be a consequence of Goswin's grody hack in get-packages:

# Prime status file with system libraries - 
echo -n > $APTDIR/state/status
if [ "$TYPE" = "udeb" ]; then
        # Some archs have libc6 others have libc6.1
        dpkg -s libc6 >> $APTDIR/state/status || dpkg -s libc6.1 >> $APTDIR/state/status
        for i in libnewt0.51 libdebconfclient0 libdebian-installer4 \
                libdb1-compat slang1a-utf8; do
                dpkg -s $i >> $APTDIR/state/status

So even though you have it installed, apt is coaxed to not know it is
installed. Goswin and I discussed this for hours, I think it is 100%
useless to dummy up a status file, and I never got an answer that was
satesfactory to me about why it's needed.

Try either adding libdiscover1 to the list, or changing the APT_GET
to not use the dummy status file. I've done the latter in my own tree,
for weeks.

see shy jo

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