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Re: cvs access to DDs

Konstantinos Margaritis <markos@debian.org> writes:

> Hi,
>   I just finished the translation of all of the current .po files to 
> the Greek language. Do I just commit them to the cvs archive, send 
> them over to someone else or sth else? 
> Also, the encoding of all .po files is in UTF-8, if there is a problem 
> with that, I could translate these to ISO-8859-7. 
> Finally, can anyone point me to a doc/readme about how to build 
> the .iso image myself and do some testing?
> Thanks.

The official images are build using debian-cd.

But [here I go again :] there is a second branch "mrvn" that will
build cd images directly. Its not allways completly in sync with the
main branch but I'm merging the agreed upon parts back in now.


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