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Re: Install-report

Uwe Dippel wrote:
> Configure network HW:   [E]

> Comment: Really frustrated. Had before installed OpenBSD from a single
> floppy, network install, without problem.
> Now, from > 110 MB the basic modules are reported missing. Puuh.
> Eh, by the way, I'm not clear about that ide-floppy thingy. There is no
> ide-floppy here; just a normal 1.44.
> Looking *really* forward to a possible install. Woody doesn't either.
> Random hangs, well-know, that DELL-BIOS problem. Here noapic and
> video=vga16:off didn't help at all.
> Was hoping the lesson had been learned and I could install testing here
> (or upgrade to Sid ?)
> Keep the good work (Debian) up !

To pick one problem, I cannot help you with whatever problem the
installer had with using your network device unless you say what that
device is.

see shy jo

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