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Bug#192305: "q to end, b for begin" ambiguous

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Martin [ISO-8859-1] Sjögren wrote:

> ons 2003-11-12 klockan 00.33 skrev Denis Barbier:
> >   * Prompt is:
> >      q to quit select, b for back, n for next page
> How about "b to back up"? It would be either that or "b for previous
> page" IMHO.
Or to be consistent also "n to go to the next page" or alike... fwiw, I
think the important change was "q to quit select".

Throughly something like:
Press q to quit the selection menu
Press b to go back one page in the current selection menu
Press n to go to the next page in the current selection menu

But all this can be left for an extended help option or a manual... unless
of course it's clear that enough people are still confused.

     Drew Daniels

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