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Linux Weekly News has a segment on the beta in their most recent weekly
edition. It's generally positive, they apparently did a CD install and
aside from the standard dhcp annoyance, it Just Worked.

Most of their complaints are about base-config, but not all: "However,
the user is still expected to know much more about the distribution and
hardware when installing Debian Sarge than if they install Fedora, SUSE,
Mandrake or even Slackware. Users are asked to make a lot of decisions
during the installation, and if unfamiliar with the terminology, they
will undoubtedly be intimidated."

I suspect this article would have been more positive there if they had
not had to go through cfdisk and had the option to use autopartkit
instead. Of course it misses most of the advantages and improvements of
d-i, but that is not suprising.

Overall they conclude that "Debian-installer is definitely an
improvement, and it looks to be very stable." Contrast with some review
of the Progeny anaconda port in the same article, which is "to say the
least, not quite ready for prime-time".

Unfortunatly no hardware details accompnyed the article, so this cannot
be a proper install report. :-)

see shy jo

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