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Re: Usage of isolinux on the beta CDs

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> We are using these features, current isolinux setup allows the user to
> select to boot the "net" initrd or the "cdrom" initrd. I don't know if this
> is wanted, this must be decided by the debian-installer guys, if we want to
> offer just the posibility to boot the cdrom image we can just boot
> cdrom.img

I don't see any advantages with d-i of having a net initrd and a cdrom
initrd both on the cdrom. Our existing cdrom initrds can be used for net
installs too after loading a few components from the cdrom.

The downside I see is that this would not let us have a "rescue" initrd,
and the cdrom initrd is not ideal for a rescue cd.

> I have just tried it and it works, even though the setup for
> syslinux should be changed a bit to include the help screens and all that,
> this should be done in debian-installer, as it is d-i who makes that image.

There are several advantages to having the syslinux help be part of d-i,
including letting us reuse the same material for syslinux help on the
boot floppy. What would be a good way for us to distribute the help
texts so debian-cd could use them on the d-i cdroms?

> > Maybe we could put isolinux on the *second* CD, with eventually an
> > initrd that supports SCSI cdroms.
> That sounds fine with me if it is ok to drop the net initrd from the booting
> options of the cds.
> Well, I don't know  what else to say, in the full cd set we really can have
> different booting methods, one on each cd, the important thing is to decide
> what do we put on the netinst/bussinesscard cds and also how do we order the
> methods in the full cd set.

I think that the main problem from the d-i team's perspective is that
all the daily cds and the cds for beta 1 use isolinux. So when users
come to us who cannot boot from isolinux, we have no alternative except
boot floppies or the monthly full cd builds. Any approach that provides
at least one netinst cd without isolinux on it would be a help to this

see shy jo

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