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Priority handling in main-menu


in my opinion the priority handling on errors in main-menu needs still
some work. Presently the logic is simple: Have an initial priority. If a
menu item fails, lower the priority by one step. If a menu item suceeds,
pump up the priority by one but not greater than the initial priority.

However consider the following situation (as also percieved in an

Initial priority is high. A step fails and the priority gets lowered to
medium, showing the menu. The user chooses that the failing step is not
relevant or perhaps uses a shell to recover. He then selects the next
entry. That entry suceeds again, so priority is set to high again. Which
will bring him back to the step that actaully failed, too bad...

I do not know if we should think of an entire different solution to
handle that but for now we could add some code to main-menu that assures
that the priority will not be set >= high until the offending menu point
actually suceeded. 

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