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Re: beta release and freeze plans

Sven Luther wrote:
> I object.
> It is ok for me to wait until monday for the new powerpc packages to be
> added, and the kernel-di stuff to be adapted to them, but i will sure as
> hell not wait 1 month for that.

Read it again, nothing in there says you cannot rev the kernel.

> Also, i don't particularly care about how this freeze did happen (of the
> kind we will freeze two days from now, don't care if half the stuff is
> broken, etc ...). This is no way to threat the other debian-installer
> developer, setting freezes on a whim without proper notice.
> Also don't use the excuse that you were speaking about a freeze since a
> long time, i have repeteadly listed my plans for the powerpc packages
> here since Oldenbourg, and even told you as you were polishing the build
> script for powerpc last week.

Yes, you've been talking about it forever, with no apparent forward
progress to speak of. Therefore I ignored it.

see shy jo

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