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Re: setting /etc/modules in d-i / base-config?

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 23:59, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Alastair McKinstry]
> > Do we (expect to) prime the /etc/modules on /target in d-i, in
> > general, eg. for network interfaces, or should kbd-chooser add the
> > USB modules if it spots a USB keyboard?
> My plan is to leave this to the HW detection system (discover), and
> make sure it detect and loads the correct modules at boot time.
> When it comes to USB devices, I guess hotplug is a must as well, to
> make sure the required USB modules are loaded when the devices are
> inserted as well.
This will not be popular with those who want to keep base small,
and fast boots; but would probably be a good idea for modern

It should be possible to do both: copy the current modules from
d-i to /target, then the system will work; discover will then
not be necessary, just a good addition.

> > This could be a generic issue: eg if a PC has multiple network
> > cards, and the modules are loaded at boot-time in a different order
> > to that in d-i, the eth0 / eth1 aliases will be different.
> The detection order is as far as I know, the order on the PCI bus, and
> this do not change without moving cards in the PC.

For Disks, I believe so, but for ethernet cards, it depends on the
order of modules loaded, or aliases in /etc/modules; 
alias eth0 e100
alias eth1 tulip

sets things the reverse order to which they are setup in d-i.

I have this in my modules setup to "autoload" e100 on reference
to eth0.


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