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Re: [ppc-new_tibook-15"] install report 2003-11-05

On Fri Nov 07, 2003 at 09:54:43AM +0100, eric.bachard@b.org wrote:
> Hi,
> Arnaud Vandyck a écrit:
> >[Cc: debian-powerpc for the record! ;)]
> Congratulations !

I was similarly able (with a bit of manual intervention) to
install sarge on a Powerbook G4 15".

> >I'll spend sometimes to tune the system, then I got some java stuff to
> >do (for Debian) so I'll unsubscribe at the moment. But feel free to
> >contact me if you need some test on the powerbook. 
> So, is XFree working for you ? In this case, I'm very interested for any 
> tip...

Mine has an ati chipset but X does not seem to be working and the
screen just goes black.  Anyone know what magic keys to press to
switch back to VT1 on a Powerbook?  The obvious ones don't work, 


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