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Bug#219344: kbd-chooser segfaults after usb-keyboard selection

Am Don, den 06.11.2003 schrieb Christian Perrier um 08:15:
> (I kept you CC'ed as I don't know if you're subscribed to -boot)
No need to CC me, I'm on debian-boot
> Same bug as the one I reported as 219295. Same "solution" also (use
> kbd-chooser twice.....and not three times as I mentioned earlier)
I think these two bugs are related, but not the same. There are two
1. kbd-chooser tries to configure an usb keyboard when there is only an
   AT keyboard connected and (bug #219295)
2. it segfaults when configuring an usb keyboard (probably only when 
   there is no usb keyboard connected, but I'm not sure about that).
   (bug #219344)

I leave them merged atm, fell free to unmerge if you think it's easier
to handle them that way.

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