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Re: installation report

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> 1. kbd-chooser segfaults (see bug I just submitted)
> 2. After loading udebs from the cdrom netcfg-dhcp is executed. It does not 
>    get an ip adress but still suceeds and tries to load modules from the net.
>    This also sets up dhcp for ip configuration on the installed system, which
>    also fails. Probably netcfg-dhcp should fail if it does not aquire a lease.

File a bug on this?

> 3. With lsmod in a shell I noticed that almost every ide driver module is
> loaded.
>    It seems that we (=hw-detect?) try to just load every module and see if one
>    works. This seems wrong to me, because I don't know if this will work in 
>    every case or if there could be bad interactions between these modules.

We know that it works on a great many debian systems, because every
debian system that boots with a debian initd loads every pci ide driver
on boot. I am not aware of any way to detect what ide driver is needed
except for loading them all and letting ide-probe do its job. I also
know that if you don't load some of them, some IDE devices will not be
visible at all, and some IDE devices (such as the one in my very common
laptop) will hang with DMA issues.

I think I'll not worry about this unless we get reports of it causing
problems, if it does we can disable whichever module causes the
hypothetical problem.

see shy jo

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