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Re: Successful (well, nearly..) installation report (vmware)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> hw-detect did not properly detect the PCNet32 virtual network card.
> I had to switch to console 2 and "modprobe pcnet32".

What version vmware, and can you get a lspci from your installed system? 
I presume this is a bug in discover.

> The error message says "Go back to "Detect network hardware and load
> corresponding modules" (in french)...but th emain menu showed after
> this does not have this option..:-). The only shown option is "Detect
> all hardware".

This is why telling the user to go navigate somewhere is *bad*. If it
just did the action, these things would not get out of sync.

> This conforts my suggestion for avoiding reference to installation steps
> names in d-i debconf templates. This will for sure lead to several
> inconsistencies...


> The screen refresh problem when switching consoles is still there. Is
> someone working on it?

Dan is working on it, or at least that's what he told me last night.

see shy jo

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