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Re: successful installation report (vmware)

[Joey Hess]
> For the record, this is my first successful install of d-i.

Congratulations. :)

> and it didn't ask me if I wanted grub (which I generally do), and just
> installed lilo.

I would like to switch the selection order of lilo and grub, to get
grub as the default.  Any objections?

> Here's the only significant problem I had: My cdrom was not properly
> set up to be used in base-config. I had to go to a different VC and
> manually load ide-detect and ide-cdrom modules before it was
> seen. This is probably a bug in part of the installer, not sure
> which part to file it on.

I suspect this is related to the fact that ide-detect was introduced
in kernel 2.4.22, and that it had another name earlier.  Expect module
loading logic to be wrong.  More info is available from

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