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Re: anna's hard-coded priority list of retreivers

I wrote:
> Another idea I've had is to turn anna inside-out, removing it from the
> menu, and put the retreivers themselves on the main menu. Well, not
> quite, the menu items would really be separate udebs customized to the
> type of install, that picked a retreiver and called anna, forcing it to
> use that retreiver.
> Floppy:
>    Configure language
>    Retrieve modules from floppies
>    Configure the network
>    Retrieve modules from network

I've gone ahead and implemented that this evening. The most annoying
part was getting that "Retrieve modules from floppies" in the right
place in the menu, since 10,11,12,13, etc were all taken. I had to
reorganize all menu item numbers between 10 and 25, as follows:

10 languagechooser
13 load-floppy
15 ethdetect
   s390-netdevice (s390)
18 netcfg-dhcp
20 netcfg-static

load-floppy and download-installer are the new packages that just
provide items on the menu, and call anna with a given retreiver. For
images other than the floppy, the old behaviour will be retained for now
by including load-installer on the image. 

I'll begin streaming this into CVS and the archive soon.

see shy jo

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