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It seems to me that anna either ignores udeb_include, or uses it

I have a scsi_drivers floppy that has esoteric cdrom drivers and a cdrom
retreiver on it, and both of these are priority extra, because they are
not generally something you want to get autoinstalled. But in the case
of loading this floppy, I *do* want them to be automatically selected
for install, along with the rest of the contents of the floppy. Since
they are not right now, the cd_drivers floppy is useless unless you use
it in low priority mode and manually select key peices like the cd

I thought that the idea behind udeb_include was to allow for exactly
this kind of control, by causing udebs to be loaded no matter what
if they're listed in the file. Is this broken or do I misunderstand the
purpose of the file?

Maybe line 68 of anna.c should be moved down to line 130 or so, so that
the includes override the decisions made based on priorities and so

see shy jo

[1] remember that I'm reworking retreivers right now, so this example is
    not the same as the package in the archive

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