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Re: build/debian dir

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> debian-installer-source is so people can "apt-get install
> debian-installer-source" and rebuild Debian Installer CDs (when sarge
> is released, till then it just along for the ride).

FWIW, I object to this too -- "apt-get source" exists.

> debian-installer-buildlogs will (try to) build all images allowed for
> <arch> and put the build log and diskusage-* in
> usr/share/doc/debian-installer-buildlogs. Its a udeb cause its only
> intresting for us and noways cares about policy.

I object to creating udebs that are not used by the installer to get
around debian policy. It will give udebs a bad name.

The build daemons have an extensive, and easy to use logging system.
There is no need to reinvent this wheel either.

I think this all needs much more consideration.

see shy jo

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