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Re: Please check language/region choices for new installer

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

The langauge/region choices used in the new installatino system
display a translated language option.  But some of these options are
not translated properly.  The text was copied from the Woody
installer, and here the text contain a 'press enter' part which is
taken out of the new installer to make it possible to use a graphical
chooser without having to confuse the users.

I know that the Hebrew and Icelandic texts are completely
untranslated, and would also like to have the other texts checked as
well.  It seem to me that Catalan, Chinese (both Simplified and
Traditional), Croatian, Esperanto, Irish and Turkish need update.

Please check the CVS version at


and send updates to debian-boot@lists.debian.org.  I will remove the
entries without proper translations (ie the non-english entries using
english text, and the entires mentioning 'enter' some time soon, so it
is good if this is fixed as soon as possible.

Greek looking OK in UTF-8

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