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Re: My first d-i installation of a mips.

"Bernhard R. Link" <brl@pcpool00.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de> writes:

> Last saturday (4.10.) I installed the first mips
> machine (despite) using d-i. The following is a little
> list of things that caused problems:
> It somehow needs append="/linuxrc" as argument to the bootp()/ 

Patch pending a successfull build and boot on i386 and alpha. I don't
want to break anything.

> command. As I do not know the mips-architecture and the needed
> tools like tip22 well, I can only guess that this either means
> we need a patched version of tip22 or d-i must be changed on
> not having a /linuxrc doing the mounting and replacing itself
> and calling init but a /sbin/init that does the work and
> replaces itself with a link to busybox.

All archs will be using /sbin/init. /linuxrc is obsolete since 2.2.x.
> In the shell (that is on tty2) when beeing in the last line
> and pressing tab or cursor up, the whole screen is blanked. 
> (The content gets restored when switching ttys) This might be 
> a problem with the kernel's framebuffer-console, though the sh 
> after chrooting in a partly installed base-system does not 
> have this problem.

>From what I was told by the mips guys at the D-I Debcamp in oldenburg
its the framebuffer.
> network-configuration is utterly strange
> (It first asks for a IP, then waits long time, then
> again asks for a IP and some more information. Only after
> selecting configure a static network twice it has asked
> for all information and still insists on "something has gone wrong".)
> When I start with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low I only have to select
> netcfg-static once and everything works...

If something goes wrong the priority is lowered and you can try again
with more options.

> The installers userfriendlyness is still missing worlds compared
> to the the old b-fs. One often does not know, where one currently
> is, but is unexpectently asked questions so one can only guess what it
> currently plans to do. (I hope this is not intentional). I also
> hope things like availability of a "Install kernel" item when this
> only triggers the already failed "install basesystem" will
> go away.

Items will trigger all items they depend on on. Thats actually a nice

You boot up and select "install kernel" and it ill automatically go
through all the steps needed till it can install a kernel.

That also means you can't skip a step that half worked but said it
failed. With boot-floppies you could ignore steps.


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