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Re: libdebian-installer - introduced changes

Here are a few comments.

[Bastian Blank]
> functions with changes prototypes:
> - di_logf -> di_log (di_log_level_flags log_level, const char *format, ...)
>   reason: add the log level for different handling of differen log entries

Eh, there already was a function di_log(), so both this and di_logf()
should be listed here.  I believe this is the functions used by most
packages depending on libd-i, and that we should avoid changing the
prototype on this function to avoid having to rewrite the source of
all these packages.  I propose a rename to di_logmsg() and
di_vlogmsg() instead, and keeping the old functions as wrappers for
the new functions.

> - di_pkg_parse ->
>   di_packages *di_packages_read_file (const char *file, di_packages_allocator *)#

Eh, is the function called di_pkg_parse() or di_packages_read_file()?
This seem to be rename, not a changed prototype.

> - di_status_read
>   di_packages *di_packages_status_read_file (const char *file, di_packages_allocator *)#
> - di_pkg_toposort_arr, di_pkg_toposort_list ->
>   di_slist *di_packages_resolve_dependencies (di_packages *, di_slist *,
>   di_packages_allocator *)

The same with these.  I would really like functions to be renamed when
their prototype is changed.

> removed_function:
> - di_stristr

Why is this removed?  Is it used by any package?

> - di_check_dir
>   only used by kbd-chooser for subarch detection stuff which needs to be
>   done in a more general way anyway
> - di_execlog
> - di_pkg_is_virtual, di_pkg_is_installed
>   obseleted by using a hash and make this info available in each struct

Why do we need to remove these?

Could you make a document in d-i/doc/ describing the changes we need
to do to the packages using libd-i?  It should also list all the
packages depending on libd-i, and attach a name to each of the
packages listing who will update the source of that package.  I want
this libd-i transition done by Sunday, so we need to move fast. :)

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