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Re: new installer

[Dan Weber]
> I think I need to review the steps on how he makes a bootfloppy like
> that.  Since I want to be able to understand it externally before I
> reimplement in the DI-2.6.

I suspect your approach in making d-i handle 2.6 kernels is not the
best nor the most efficient way.  Duplicating the d-i CVS, and trying
to fork the packages, instead of supplying patches to the current d-i
CVS, seem like a inefficient approach.

I believe you should consider adding hooks and generic solutions to
the official d-i instead of trying to replicate what is being done in
the official d-i.

I told you this on IRC earlier, but just wanted to repeat it here on
the mailing list, to make sure you take it into account.

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