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Current status of d-i images


as most of you have noticed, we took the opportunity on the small d-i
debcamp to push some necessary major changes into d-i which results now
in unsuable images. I prepared a list of showstoppers and their

- The E: unimplemented function bug
This is a incompatiblility of the main-menu and the cdebconf udeb on the
install image. Since fixed versions are uploaded, the next images should

- kernel-installer not working
The fstab in /target was not created due to a bug in main-menu. A fix
has just been checked in by Matt Kraai.

- base-installer leaves you with an awerty keyboard
A bug in console common which. A fix will be uploaded tomorrow or the
day after.

- Not a showstopper but a glitch: ethdetect not executed before
This makes netconfig complain about a missing ethernet device. Solution
is easy, just manually select "Detect a networkcard" from the menu.

I hope that is all and that we have working images again on weekend.

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