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[Please Cc: me, as I'm not subscribed to this mailing list.]

I plan to move the ppp package currently in experimental to unstable in
about two weeks. Since the program has some new features and the build
system has changed a bit, I would like to know which features should be
removed from the udeb package (or even better how I can decide myself
what is needed and what is superfluous).

Currently, the udeb package is compiled with this command, disabling
the following features:

                $(MAKE) COPTS=\"-DLOG_PPP=LOG_LOCAL2 \
                                -Os -fomit-frame-pointer\" \
                        CHAPMS= MPPE= \
                        FILTER= HAVE_MULTILINK= USE_TDB= \
                        HAS_SHADOW= USE_PAM= HAVE_INET6= PLUGIN= \
                        CBCP= USE_SRP= MAXOCTETS= \

No plugins support means that some PPP over ATM DSL connections will
not work (but one or more extra packages would be needed anyway).

ciao, |
Marco | [2122 osj3oXsQ5rmj.]

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