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dealing with the install-reports

# We need to try to make some sense of the install-reports for d-i, so
# here is a pass through them, cloning off bugs and closing any that
# seem to only mention done issues. I have not tried to verify all the
# bugs, so if these mention done issues, just close them.
# I only went back to the beginning of august, since it then becomes
# harder to remember what earlier problems are still problems. I have
# also closed some of the very old install reports. If this turns out to
# be useful, I can try to do the remainder of the install-reports later.

# install-report for the boot floppies, not d-i
# not particularly applicable to d-i
reassign 190178 boot-floppies

# not an install report, but a wishlist
reassign 172519 installation

# only one problem in this report
reassign 212258 partitioner
retitle 212258 difficult to figure out disk name for partitioning with cfdisk

clone 212143 -1 -2 -3
retitle -1 d-i selected keymap is not retained after reboot
# maybe not really base-config, we'll see..
reassign -1 base-config
retitle -2 HOWTO outdated re partitioning bug #209286; should remove paragraph with workaround
reassign -2 installation
retitle -3 autopartkit failure (with mounted partitions and swap)
reassign -3 autopartkit
retitle 212143 selected hostname is not retained after reboot
reassign 212143 netcfg

clone 211147 -4 -5 -6
retitle -4 scroll bar is not displayed correctly
reassign -4 cdebconf
retitle -5 hardware detect does not find eepro100 and orinoco_pci
reassign -5 ethdetect
retitle -6 grub install failure, cannot find device for /boot
reassign -6 grub-installer
retitle 211147 lilo(?) install fails; reboot after "booting the kernel"
reassign 211147 lilo-installer

clone 211137 -7 -8
retitle -7 hardware detect does not find eepro100 and orinoco_pci
reassign -7 ethdetect
# this one has a little more info than the other one..
merge -7 -5
# The id and [ messages are bug #211675. The ln message and
# deboostrap.invalid, we don't know. Possibly the partition already had
# a base system on it.
retitle -8 debootstrap brokenness with d-i
reassign -8 debootstrap
# main-menu next item selection: FIXED
# cfdisk display: FIXED
retitle 211137 frame buffer weirdness; display on vc4 instead of vc1
reassign 211137 rootskel

reassign 211128 ethdetect
merge -7 211128

clone 211067 -9 -10
reassign 211067 grub-installer
reassign -9 base-config
merge -9 -1
retitle -9 d-i selected German keymap is not retained after reboot, though it is in debootstrap_settings
reassign -10 installer
retitle -10 weird display problem; old progress display flases back on screen when something else is started
# base-config login w/ no root password before root password entry is
# intended
# missing pcmcia is in progress of being fixed, needs testing

reassign 210612 cdrom-detect

# damn if I know
retitle 207712 installation failure on powerbook g4 (15")  -- init not run?
reassign 207712 installer

clone 204533 -11 -12 -13
retitle 204533 kbd-chooser needs hardware detected before it can find the "usb" keyboard in vmware
reassign 204533 kbd-chooser
retitle -11 "SCIOADDRT: File exists" when reconfiguring already upped network
reassign -11 netcfg-static
# I'm pretty sure the cfdisk crash was a library reduction problem and
# has been fixed
retitle -12 cdrom-retriever does noting if net-retriever was chosen previously
# wild guess at the culprit
reassign -12 anna
# See the second mail in the bug report for the gem of this idea.
retitle -13 primary user should perhaps be in audio group?
reassign -13 passwd

clone 204409 -14
retitle -14 kbd-chooser segfault on opteron
reassign -14 bd-chooser
retitle 204409 fails to detect BCM5704 onboard dual gigabit broadcom adapter
reassign 204409 ethdetect

clone 204299 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19
retitle -15 prompts for full path to card, but just the module name will do
reassign -15 ethdetect
retitle -16 doesn't autodetect e1000 card (sometimes)
reassign -16 ethdetect
severity -17 minor
retitle -17 enter a custom mirror should come near the top of the list, not at the end
reassign -17 choose-mirror
# Yes, I think we all know the "load extra d-i modules" thing is
# comfusing. Not cloning for it.
retitle -18 partconf doesn't find pre-partitioned filesystems
reassign -18 partconf
retitle -19 kbd-chooser segfault
reassign -19 bd-chooser
merge -14 -19

# seems this was misdirected. It can probably be closed.
reassign 179638 debian-installer-utils
reassign 173016 aboot-installer

# boot-floppies reports.
reassign 144099 boot-floppies
reassign 164007 boot-floppies
tag 164007 woody

see shy jo

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