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Re: d-i experiences

On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 12:58:40AM +0100, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
> I fired up a bochs machine and booted the netinst CD
> It sat looping saying "unable to load vesafb.o"

This is a bug in usb-discover, which should be fixed in the latest upload,
ie. it should reach the netinst CD soon. :-)

> I selected 'detect cdrom' and d-i kindly told me there'd been an error
> whose text was 'EXIT' before succeeding to detect the cdrom

This is a bug in busybox ash, which again should be fixed in the latest
upload and reach the netinst CD soon.

> After realising that this was the pre-DHCP dialog, I continued,
> continued again, and ended up back at the main menu with no indication
> of whether or not the DHCP succeeded. All I knew was that d-i had
> highlighted the PPP/serial option suggesting to me that DHCP had failed.
> (It hadn't)

This is a bug in main-menu, which _again_ should be fixed in the latest
upload. You seem to have gotten rather unlucky :-)

> As I fought my way through the partitioning and formatting options I got
> many error dialogs containing what look like the output of cfdisk, only
> containing piles of escape strings too.

AFAIK, the partitioner is still broken. The HOWTO mentions this, but it is
definitely something that should be fixed.

> installer[21577]: WF: Retrying failed download of %s
> Where the %s really was '%s', I'm not introducing a placeholder here,
> the error message was failing to perform the substitution.

Yes, I've reported this very same bug earlier today. :-)

I hope somebody else can comment on the rest of your mail -- I just wanted to
point out that at least some of the problems you've reported are known bugs
that are hopefully fixed real soon :-)

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