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Bug#209301: modconf: on module installation failure, suggest isa-pnp.o to the user

#include <hallo.h>
* Ryan Underwood [Mon, Sep 15 2003, 02:55:37AM]:
> > > Please refer to linux/Documentation/isapnp.txt:
> > > 
> > > Write commands:
> > > ---------------
> > > 
> > > With the write interface you can activate or modify the configuration of
> > > ISA Plug & Play devices.  It is mainly useful for drivers which have not
> > > been rewritten to use the ISA Plug & Play kernel support yet.
> > 
> > Sorry, what is your point?
> Please go outside and get some fresh air.  For your own good.

I just have been there.

> > First, you tell us that isa-pnp module configures the cards when
> > loaded. Now, you show a way to *configure the ressources manually* via
> > the proc interface.
> No, I didn't say that.  (Please quote me instead of paraphrasing.)

You did imply that.

|After a module fails initialization, the suggestion should be made that
|the user install the isa-pnp module if the hardware in question is an
|ISA-PnP card.
|"The module failed initialization.  Check the hardware resources (I/O,
|IRQ) and if the card is a ISA PnP card, ensure that you have installed
|the isa-pnp module first."

And I have just told you that loading isa-pnp is not enough. The only
practicable think I can imagine is extending this message to a
micro-Howto about how to use isapnptools or the isa-pnp's proc
interface. Both things that user can learn from RTFM before going to

Another idea may be silent loading of isa-pnp when available and
including the list of the devices in the message, suggesting how to

> My contention is that without isa-pnp loaded, the user could not use
> modules that do not support ISA-PnP configuration themselves when the
> card is not in a configured state.  In the case of a new user, they see

isa-pnp does not configure them when the module is just loaded.

> only a failure when inserting the module for their hardware which is
> clearly installed in the system, and have no idea where to proceed.

The general hint is _okay_ but the advisory to load isa-pnp is not okay
in the suggested form, and will confuse the user more to the end.

> > Just for the case that you missed it, we do already include
> > isapnptools for pre-2.4 kernels. And pnpdump&isapnp are a way more
> > user-friendly and better documented than the proc interface.
> The user was installing from bf2.4.  Is isapnptools included in that
> case?  If so, then this "wishlist" bug is in error and you may ignore

It is not included. For the simple reason, I could not find a driver for
any _essential (for installation)_ ISA PnP card that is not supported by
isapnp manegement in 2.4.18.

> it.  If it is not, then I stand by my statement that there must be a
> documented way for the user to configure the ISA-PnP cards, or there is
> a good chance of significant confusion occurring during an installation.

I am not the only modconf maintainer but I won't do much more on that
because of the reasons described above and because I think that there is
enough documentation around. But patches are welcome, there are surely
ways to improve the failure message.

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