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Bug#209301: modconf: on module installation failure, suggest isa-pnp.o to the user


On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 12:59:49AM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * Ryan Underwood [Sat, Sep 13 2003, 04:48:39PM]:
> > > > I'm not sure what you are talking about.  I am referring specifically
> > > > about when modconf is called during Debian installation.  The new user
> > > 
> > > Me too. Modconf used modprobe, modprobe looks on on modules.dep, the
> > > particular module (_if_ it works together with isa-pnp) needs isa-pnp so
> > > modprobe loads isa-pnp. Your scenario can only appear if you have a mix
> > > of modules from different kernel builds.
> > 
> > If the module itself is aware of isa-pnp, then yes, this is the case.
> > However, consider this scenario:  The card is a PnP card, the driver is
> > not PnP aware and would like to know the I/O and IRQ resources when
> > loaded.  The card must first be configured by loading isa-pnp, and then
> > the other driver can be loaded based on the resources that the card is
> > assigned.
> Nonsense, pure nonsence. Please read the isapnp_init function of isapnp.c
> before claiming such thing. Then show me the place where random cards
> are configured to random ressources by isa-pnp and the users gets
> information about the ressources.

Please refer to linux/Documentation/isapnp.txt:

Write commands:

With the write interface you can activate or modify the configuration of
ISA Plug & Play devices.  It is mainly useful for drivers which have not
been rewritten to use the ISA Plug & Play kernel support yet.



cat > /proc/isapnp <<EOF
card 0 CSC7537
dev 0 CSC0000
port 0 0x534
port 1 0x388
port 2 0x220
irq 0 5
dma 0 1
dma 1 3
poke 0x70 9
logdev 0 CSC0001
port 0 0x240

In this way, the user can configure their card first and then load the
appropriate non-PnP-aware driver.

Does it make sense?


Ryan Underwood, <nemesis at icequake.net>, icq=10317253

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