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Bug#209279: base-config: looking ugly after a d-i install

[Joey Hess]
> I can reproduce this by doing simply:
> unset LANG
> whiptail --yesno foo 20 20
> At the linux console.
> Reassign to whiptail?

Well if border line bug is in slang, and already reported as #195010,
there is no need to report it again.  Of course, that bug seem to be
for all non-UTF-8 locales, but I do see the borders when I
successfully set LANG=no_NO.  Besides, there isn't one but several
bugs here:

 - Dialog frontend to not display border lines characters when
   executed using TERM=linux and LANG=C.  (Possibly related to bug

 - Missing locales package on the CD, thus not installed into
   /target/. (Fixed)

 - The locales package insert LANG=C into /etc/environment when
   installed noninteractively by debian-installer.  I believe it
   shouldn't insert anything there when installed
   noninteractively. (Not reported)

 - base-config uses the LANG of /etc/environment on first time
   installs. (fixed in version 1.71)

So I'm not sure if it should be reassigned, or just closed.  The
problem is hidden with the two fixes, and the last real is probably
already reported against slang.  The behaviour of the locales package
is not obviously a bug, so I am reluctant to report it.

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