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Re: Install report, laptop with USB CD-ROM

Am Mo, 2003-09-08 um 17.33 schrieb Martin Michlmayr:

>  - The screen on F4 doesn't show /var/log/syslog.  Instead, it shows:
> tail: /var/log/syslog: No such file or directory
> tail: no files

Hm, I can not reproduce this with the new netinst images from gluck.

> | db_subst cdrom-detect/success cdname "CDNAME"·
>    Shouldn't this be "$CDNAME" ?

Seems so. Fixed in cvs.

>  - Also, looking through the template files, I see that sometimes a
>    space is put before a question mark, and sometimes no space is
>    there (ie. "foo ?" vs "foo?").  This should be unified.

I agree, no spaces before punctuation. Setting spaces is a common but
bad habbit...

> 2. You need to load the usb-storage module. I did it manually, but this
>  should really be done automatically.

Let's see what happens if the module is included. I hope discover will
do the job....

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