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Install manual for sarge --few questions


I'm translator of Debian Installation Manual into the Czech language,
and with approaching Sarge release in December (according to AJ),
I'd like to ask several questions:

1. Could somebody competent create cvs account for me (say kurem)?
   I guess sufficient is permition for debian-installer/doc/manual
   I've done last two releases -- potato (mostly), woody (fully), but
   because of lack of account, I've commited through Vilem Vychodil.
Just now I'm in a process of converting czech translation from docbook
(b-f) into docbook-xml (d-i) and syncing with original.

2. If I understand it correctly, there are no build tools for d-i doc
   (yet)? Will these be available for woody?

3. I've found that in d-i version of install manual entities are used
   much less (E.g. lot of &debian;s are now handwritten, as are urls).
   Isn't it step back (e.g. abandoning possibility to build HURD doc)?
   Or is it just temporary and I should hold on my syncing for some time?

4. When will be converted the rest of english manual? (I suppose it
   depends on state of d-i; so after d-i debcamp?) 

                           Miroslav Kure

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