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debian-installer test

Hi all,
during the OpenLanParty in Milano, we played a little bit with the new
debian installer. We submit here some comments about our testing.

1. from the udeb list we would like to remove the name of the package
since the label isn't completely readable and probably;

2. on the same screen, we would like to 'tab' from the module list to
the 'continue' button instead of the actual 'go back' button. On the
same screen, if you select some modules and then press go-back, then you
select once again the 'module selection list' then you do not see as
selected the modules selected during the first visit to that screen;

3. we tested the installation on many old machines that had old/dirty
cdrom devices. On that machines we got read errors that were shown as
'integrity check failure on package ...'. We think that it could be
useful if the installer could check an md5sum/crc of the disc. The
corrected md5sum/crc might be put on the disc label;

4. during the static network configuration (choice the domain name, the
DNS, ...) it isn't possible to select the 'go back' button;

5. the menu item 'detect CDROM devices and mount ...' does not detect
our CD on a 'HP Omnibook XT6200'. Calling hw-detect-full we get the
error 'Unknown MATSHITADVD-ROM SR-8175' on the 4th console;

6. selecting the dhcp3 udeb the DHCP network isn't configured. We found
a message on the 4th console: 'execve (/etc/dhcp3/dhcpit-script,..): Not
a directory';

7. selecting 'partitioner' we get the message 'Failed to partition the
disc /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc.' just after the selection of
the disc . At this point there is noway to go on since the user
interface is blocked. We may only switch to differentent console, but we
cannot select neighter 'continue' nor 'go back';

8. on a Acer Aspire 1314LC from item menu 'configure the network via
dhcp' the NIC isn't recognized (a Via Technologies VT6102 rhine-II) so a
message is printed suggesting to go back, while the user interface
permits only to continue. If the module 'ethdetect' is selected on the
first screen then DHCP is run correctly but then it isn't possible to go

9. when on the screen of 'selection language' it isn't possible to 'go

10. the partitioner module complains about a missing libslang.so.1
library while in the /lib there is only libslang.so.1-UTF8.

Giuseppe Sacco
Emanuele Rocca
Fabrizio G. Ficca (OpenLabs cazzarola)
Francesco Donadon

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