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Re: [Fwd: Re: Status for reiser support in d-i]

Yury Umanets wrote:

I guess debian folks probably do not want to use libparted (and reiserfs
with it) because it is needed to rewrite some parts of installer. Or
reiserfs is not good enough for debian installer.

Instead of this approach, how about getting their current draft of their installer, and making it work for them, and sending them the patch, as I asked be done and has not been done..., Alternatively, please generate a stream of mail with me cc'd indicating that cooperative work is progressing....

Otherwise they won't be as uptodate as we would like them to be (how can they possibly keep track of our latest versions as well as we can....) and we want debian to succeed, especially in regards to reiserfs. I want to see you guys working very closely, not Oleg discovering what has been done when a user complains our filesystem code is buggy long long after mistakes were made and sent to users to suffer from.

In regards to parted vs. cfdisk, it is not our place to tell debian or users which to use, we need to work with both so long as people use both. Whatever debian wants to use, make it happen so long as it can be made to happen quickly (though evangelizing parted is ok to do so long as you accept that whatever they decide we accomodate).

That said, please forgive the following dumb question: I thought cfdisk knew nothing about filesystems and just changed partition boundaries without resizing filesystems or anything like that. Has that changed? I googled for a man page and the man page still doesn't talk about resizing.... Do we need to do work with cfdisk to make it understand resizing reiserfs and reiser4?

I view coding as only half of the user space tools job, the other half is (attempting) getting the tools integrated by all distros and verified as working by us.


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