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Bug#205381: kbd-chooser's postinst exited with status 35584

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 01:51:03PM -0000, Alastair wrote:
> There are two problems:
> (1) console-keymaps-at should be on the CD. I don't know why it isn't; its
> present on the netinst image at gluck, as of yesterday.
> (2) kbd-chooser shouldn't depend on any particular console-keymap-*
> package; the pkg list or CD build should ensure that the correct ones are
> present for the architecture.

Oh. It's possible that something in debian-cd got messed up (the
console-keymap-* aren't manually excluded). I'll investigate further,

> However, kbd-chooser shouldn't segfault: it should log the problem in
> syslog before giving up gracefully. This I'll fix.

A decent error message to the user would be useful, too.

(I guess that this could be a reason to leave this bug open.)

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